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All participants are invited to submit at least 4-page (A4) article, which will be published in conference proceedings with ISBN number.

Only articles prepared using the template provided at conference website will be accepted.



  • Use the template styles as defined in the template! Do not add your own formating, it will be discarded.

  • If your article contains any equations, type them in either MS Equation Editor (Word 97 - 2003) or natively in Word (2007 - 2013), MathType. Do not use equations stored as images.

  • If you include a photograph, use JPEG file format with best possible quality and AT LEAST 300DPI.

  • If you include charts and graphics, we prefer VECTOR format (Corel DRAW, Adobe Ilustrator, Inkscape etc.) to bitmaps. If you have to use bitmaps, use PNG file format at least 300DPI. Make sure all text is readable after scalling to the target size!

  • Make sure to convert any links to static text (figure and equation numbers, citations etc.)

  • Post .DOC or .DOCX files.

  • Do not use LATEX or PDF.

All images should be saved as standalone files named as author_image#XXX and sent packed in .ZIP format together with the article using the upload form.

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